Victoria Beckham Eyewear

Victoria Beckham Eyewear
September 20th, 2018, Admin,

Available exclusively at our Richmond Centre and Downtown Vancouver locations.

Victoria Beckham launched her distinctive and modern fashion brand in 2008, and the following year, expanded her brand with her eyewear collection.

The sense of depth, texture and exquisite detailing found in the Victoria Beckham Eyewear line makes it easy to be drawn to. All the pieces in the collection are connected to the same aesthetic; inspirational, chic and refined, much like the designer herself.

Victoria Beckham eyewear is developed in London, in Victoria’s personal studio, and 100% expertly handcrafted in Italy. Specialized local workshops and studios within the Valdobbiandene region of Italy provide the unique expertise of artisans, while taking full advantage of modern technological techniques in manufacturing.

From design to production there are 37 unique and distinct assembly processes in each piece within the eyewear collection. Frames are hand cut, tumbled for five days in resin chips and then finished with two stages of hand polishing. All hardware is functional; all exposed pins are integral to the design and structure of each frame. Form and function are synonymous within the Victoria Beckham eye wear collection.

Only the finest materials are used across the collection and by keeping all production to this in-house process, Victoria Beckham can source exclusive materials and collaborate with Zeiss, a world renowned name in exceptional lenses, ensuring optimum protection and performance in premium quality eyewear.

Partnering with Zeiss also allowed for the creation of the exclusive rose gold coloured anti-reflective coating that is evident on the inside of all Victoria Beckham lenses. This premium coating eliminates light reflections and limits glares with a bespoke, subtle gold hue not available with any other brand.

Victoria Beckham sunglasses and optical frames are available exclusively in our Richmond Centre and Downtown Vancouver locations. Visit today to see this incredible eyewear collection in person.