Maui Jim

Maui Jim makes sunglasses and sun readers for men and women who love to have fun in the sun. Whether it’s sunbathing on the sand or wrestling Wahoo on the water, Maui Jim sunglasses will help you master your craft.


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Maui Jim - Ho'okipa

CAD 199
The Hawaiian word 'ho'okipa,' meaning hospitality, and Maui's Ho'okipa Beach. It's the world's premi..

Maui Jim - Makaha

CAD 199
The legend of Makaha, a handsome young chief, inspired these frames. Ke Anuenue, goddess of rain, be..

Maui Jim - Kawika

CAD 309
A retrospective look at one of Maui Jim's original styles, Kawika is a true testament to Maui Jim's ..

Maui Jim - Wiki Wiki

CAD 319
Wiki Wiki means 'hurry quick' in Hawaiian. Wiki wiki or you may miss out on all the beauty these coo..

Maui Jim - Bamboo Forest

CAD 269
The lush bamboo forests of East Maui, filled with amazing sights and sounds as bamboo towering above..

Maui Jim - Ohia

CAD 369
The texture on the temples of these frames resembles the strong and finely textured grain of Ohia wo..

Maui Jim - Wassup

CAD 259
Alive with personality, Wassup is a modern nylon wrap perfect for active or laid-back lifestyles ali..

Maui Jim - Hot Sands

CAD 209
Inspired by Hot Sands, a popular surf spot in Lahaina near the Puamana community. With a sporty, edg..

Maui Jim - Lighthouse

CAD 179
These sunglasses are inspired by Hawaii's first and still working lighthouse, located in Lahaina Har..

Maui Jim - Flat Island

CAD 259
Flat Island is a four-acre island close to Kailua Beach Park known for its “flat” orientation and a ..

Maui Jim - Kanaha

CAD 199
Kanaha, meaning gathering site, is one of the premier windsurfing and kiteboarding beaches on the pl..

Maui Jim - Frigate

CAD 349
Inspired by comfort and performance, and the seabirds by the same name found in many tropical locati..

Maui Jim - Sand Island

CAD 349
Named after a small island at the entrance of Honolulu Harbor, Sand Island offers wearers a strong c..

Maui Jim - Baby Beach

CAD 299
Baby Beach, located on the North Shore of Maui, a perfect beach for everyone to enjoy a day filled w..

Maui Jim - Castaway

CAD 349
Inspired by the outdoors and the beautiful forests of Hawaii, Castaway features wood grain temples a..
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