Air Optix

Air Optix brand contact lenses by Alcon are known for their comfort and oxygen permeability through the use of silicone hydrogel technology. Manufactured for all lens wearers, Air-Optix contacts include weekly, monthly, multifocal, and toric lenses for astigmatism. 


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Air Optix Aqua

as low as
CAD 37.95
AIR OPTIX® AQUA Contact Lenses from Eyesatr Optical. ONLY AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses feature Sm..

Air Optix Night & Day Aqua

as low as
CAD 65.00
AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA Contact Lenses, at Eyestar Optical.AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA..

Air Optix for Astigmatism

as low as
CAD 62.00
AIR OPTIX® FOR ASTIGMATISM Contact Lenses - Eyestar Optical. Having astigmatism does not mean you ha..
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