How to Clean Contact Lenses

How to Clean Contact Lenses
September 6th, 2018, Admin, 0 Comments

How Do I Clean My Contact Lenses Properly?

Why Do I Need to Know?

It is vital to understand how to properly clean and care for your contact lenses. If you don't clean contact lenses properly, it can lead to a variety of eye infections, including infections that may cause blindness.

Is It Hard?

And it's easier than ever to clean contact lenses. You have the options of one-bottle care systems and disposable contact lenses so that cleaning contact lenses requires much less time, expense and trouble than it did years ago.

(Note: It's important not to switch regimes for cleaning your contact lenses without asking your eye doctor first. This is because some solutions are not compatible with specific contact lens brands and using them together can ruin your contact lenses or even harm your eyes. )

Basics Steps To Clean Soft Contact Lenses:

1. Clean

  • wash your hands to make sure you don't transfer dirt and germs to your eye
  • avoid moisturizing soaps as they're not good for contact lenses
  • dry hands with a lint-free towel

2. Rinse

  • remove one lens and clean it with the recommended solution
  • cleaning removes buildup produced in the eye, any cosmetics remnants and other debris that impairs lens comfort
  • FDA recommends you rub the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution, even if the solution you are using is a “no-rub” product
  • rinse lens again to remove the loosened debris according to the package directions

3. Disinfect

  • Place the lens in your clean lens case or lens holder and fill with fresh solution.
  • Don't reuse or add on top of your old solution. The time to soak your lens varies for each solution, so check the package for details.
  • Make sure to keep your lens soaked for the exact amount of time directed. Do not insert lens earlier than the required soak time.

Don't forget to clean your contact lens case as well to ensure sanitation and cleanliness for your eyes and contacts. See also “Other Precautions on How to clean Contact Lenses” for addition sanitation tips.

Great! Then you're done.

Make sure your lenses are soaked for the required time (generally at 4-6 hours depending on your solution) and then your lens are again ready for use.