The House of Versace has been known throughout the world for bold, glamorous fashion, and the infusion of fashion into entertainment and pop culture. Founded by Italian designer Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace has become synonymous with cutting edge style and impeccable quality. Said to be the engineer of fashion in pop culture by combining art, fashion, rock n roll, and theater, Gianni Versace’s legacy shines on in every piece that comes out of the design house and bears the signature traits of the Versace brand. 


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Versace - VE2174

CAD 319
Versace VE2174 sunglasses are a smart, sophisticated squared aviator, with a double bridge and Greca..

Versace - VE2175

CAD 389
Versace VE2175 sunglasses are feature the iconic Medusa head on the temples while the frame itself b..

Versace - VE4325A

CAD 319
Versace VE4325A sunglasses are a beautifully rounded cat-eye acetate frame, featuring the iconic Med..

Versace - VE4328

CAD 359
Versace VE4328 sunglasses are a modified rectangle silhouette, featuring two iconic Medusa heads 'co..

Versace - VE4330

CAD 319
Versace VE43304 sunglasses are a smart, sophisticated and stylish round silhouette with diamond chec..

Versace - VE4298

CAD 299
Versace VE4298 sunglasses are a head turning oversize round frame with style and panache. A large Me..

Versace - VE4290B

CAD 359
Versace VE4290B Bright Crystal sunglasses feature supple curves, clean lines, and truly fashion-forw..

Versace - VE4264B

CAD 339
Versace VE4264B sunglasses have a sleek cat eye shape and feature the Greek key embellishments, embe..

Versace - VE2157

CAD 299
Versace VE2157 sunglasses feature supple curves, clean lines, and truly fashion-forward style that a..

Versace - VE2165

CAD 309
Versace VE2165 sunglasses are the must have if you love to wear pilot style sunglasses. A strong bro..

Versace - VE2161

CAD 359
Versace VE2161 sunglasses are a very unique shield style, with a completely flat front adorned with ..

Versace - VE2159B

CAD 409
Versace VE2159B sunglasses are a stylish aviator with glam diamante detailing and gradient lenses. S..

Versace - VE4293B

CAD 319
Versace VE4293B sunglasses have a softened square shape and feature the Versace signature Medusa hea..

Versace - VE4271B

CAD 359
Versace VE4271B sunglasses have a softened butterly shape and feature the Greek key embellishments, ..

Versace - VE4305Q

CAD 359
Versace VE4305Q sunglasses are a bold, statement-making frame in a butterfly shape. Versace's signat..
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