The House of Versace has been known throughout the world for bold, glamorous fashion, and the infusion of fashion into entertainment and pop culture. Founded by Italian designer Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace has become synonymous with cutting edge style and impeccable quality. Said to be the engineer of fashion in pop culture by combining art, fashion, rock n roll, and theatre, Gianni Versace’s legacy shines on in every piece that comes out of the design house and bears the signature traits of the Versace brand. 


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Versace - VE2166

CAD 309
Versace VE2166 sunglasses have a wrap-around shape and feature ornate temples bear the iconic Medusa..

Versace - VE2174

CAD 319
Versace VE2174 sunglasses are a smart, sophisticated squared aviator, with a double bridge and Greca..

Versace - VE2175

CAD 389
Versace VE2175 sunglasses are feature the iconic Medusa head on the temples while the frame itself b..

Versace - VE4275

CAD 349
Versace VE4275 sunglasses; fashioned in a classic silhouette with the fashion house's signature Medu..

Versace - VE4312

CAD 309
Versace Rock Icons VE4312 sunglasses  sunglasses offer an updated version of the classic Pilot-..

Versace - VE4299

CAD 279
Versace VE4299, a rounded pilot style that is a modern Versace take on the popular summer style. A s..

Versace - VE4307

CAD 309
Versace VE4307 sunglasses; supple curves, clean lines, and truly fashion-forward styles are the hall..

Versace - VE4296

CAD 299
Versace VE4296 Black Greca sunglasses; fashioned in a classic silhouette with Greca accents on the f..

Versace - VE2163

CAD 309
Versace Rock Icons Vanitas VE2163 sunglasses elevate the classic wire-frame aviator style to rock-st..

Versace - VE2150Q
Limited Edition

CAD 379
Versace VE2150Q Medusa  sunglasses are a limited edition, with a wrapped double bridge and ador..

Versace - VE2140

CAD 269
Versace VE2140 sunglasses showcase the popular shield shape seen on celebrities and "civilian" lover..

Versace - VE2158

CAD 279
Versace VE2158 Greca: Versace's Greek key inspired Greca motif makes for a bold sophisticated decora..

Versace - VE4274

CAD 269
The Versace label is renowned for a luxurious glamour that has always tip-toed along the cutting edg..

Versace - VE4289

CAD 469
The Versace VE4289 packs a bold punch with a rectangular front frame and large arms featuring 3 larg..

Versace - VE2167Q

CAD 359
Versace VE2167Q Logo Sunglasses are a bold statement in the subtlest colors. An absolute must have f..
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