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Prada - SPR16RSF-
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Retro styling adds glamour to the unique hexagonal butterfly silhouette of the PRADA NEW TRIANGLE SPR16RSF.  Made of fine, handmade acetate and polished to high shine, these outstanding sunglasses shine as bright as the sun they protect you from.

  • Shape: Hexagonal/Butterfly
  • Eye Size: 59mm:
  • Bridge Size: 19mm
  • Arm Length: 140mm
  • Alternate (Asian) Fit
Sunglass Information
BRAND: Prada
MODEL: New Triangle SPR 16RSF
COLOR: Havana/Brown Green Gradient (2AU/4M0) | Black/Brown Gradient (1AB/1X1) | Opal Dark Green/Grey Gradient (UEI/4P2) | Opal Pink/Brown Gradient (UEW/0A6)
FRAME SIZE (MM): 59-19-140 | Alternate (Asian) Fit
MATERIAL(S): Acetate

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