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Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster fans, the wait is over! Find your perfect look from this elegant and creative fashion brand at Eyestar Optical today. Each pair of Gentle Monster glasses are full of personality, and viewed as a work of art. Created with unique shapes and materials, every pair in Gentle Monster’s lineup is something to behold. Made of the highest quality materials, Gentle Monster frames are easy to adjust, made fit to various face shapes and are built to stand the test of time and endurance. 


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Gentle Monster -

CAD 389
The Absente by Gentle Monster expresses the perfect balance between curved lines and rectangular sha..

Gentle Monster -
Core 612

CAD 320
The Core 612 by Gentle Monster is a lighter, slimmer, and more neutral retro style interpretation of..

Gentle Monster -
Cuba 502

CAD 350
Gentle Monster's Cuba 502 designed to fit both men and women, with its rounded front face with smoot..

Gentle Monster -
Love Punch

CAD 430
Love Punch by Gentle Monster is designed with a metallic line stretching from each side of the frame..

Gentle Monster -

CAD 325
Roy is one of Gentle Monster’s most classic Acetate eyewear designs, is designed to be lighter and s..

Gentle Monster -
Second Boss

CAD 375
Second Boss by Gentle Monster is a rectangular shaped retro style sunglasses design, made luxurious ..

Gentle Monster -

CAD 485
A special collaboration between TOME and Gentle Monster, Supernature is a modern take on retro chic ..

Gentle Monster -
Type 2

CAD 395
Another collaboration piece, Gentle Monster joined forces with Kong to bring you Type 2. Add drama a..
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