Tips for Eye Fatigue and Tired, Puffy Eyes

Tips for Eye Fatigue and Tired, Puffy Eyes
September 6th, 2018, Admin,

How to Avoid Eye Fatigue 

Late nights on a Netflix binge or long days in front of a screen at work can take their toll on our eyes. Tired, dry, strained and generally fatigued eyes are a very common symptom of our time and age.

But, never fear, over indulging in your favourite screen time activities doesn’t have to ruin your eyes. Here are a few simple tricks to combat and reduce the effects of eye fatigue:

  • Get enough sleep. Instead of one more episode, try hitting the sack and closing your eyes, allowing them to rest and lubricate.
  • Take frequent breaks from work. We aren’t saying totally slack off, but step away from your desk for a few moments at least once an hour to give your eyes and body a break. Stretch while you are at it; you won't regret it.
  • Make sure your computer monitor is adjusted correctly for you. The rule of thumb should be that your screen is 20 to 26” away from you, with a clean surface (so wipe those fingerprints and dust motes way on a regular basis).
  • Look away from the work now and again. Close up on detailed work for long periods of time can really strain the eyes. Look away and focus on something in the distance for a few seconds often to let your eyes relax.
  • Allow your eyes to rest after work. Instead of grabbing for the laptop or table to get your social media fix, or turning on the TV right away, allow your eyes some breathing room from technology for an hour or so

How to Reduce Puffiness of Tired Eyes

You know you have overdone it when you look in the mirror and have that ‘whoa, look at that luggage’ moment. When the puffiness under and around your eyes is so bad, you look like you might have gone a round or two with Manny Pacquiao.

No need to panic though, as we have a few time-tested trick to help hide the fact that someone might have been out a little too late last night, or just HAD to re-watch seasons 1-5 of Game of Thrones…

  • Cucumbers: Chilled cucumber slices excellent mini ice packs for puffy eyes and the cold will help soothe and hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Tea Bags: Black teas are tannin-rich, puffy eye wonders. After brewing a pot of tea, chill the tea bags thoroughly. Place the tea bags over your eyes, sit back and relax for 15 minutes. The tannins in the tea will help tighten skin and absorb fluid, decreasing the look of puffy eyes.
  • Frozen vegetables: We are not suggesting you chuck a cauliflower in the freezer, but rather suggest you think smaller. Bags of corn or baby peas are great because the little frozen bits shift and move to sit in the areas around your eyes the best. Always place a soft cloth between the bag and your skin. Once again, sit back and relax for 5 to 15 minutes and you should see a decrease in swelling.

Be sure to visit your eye doctor regularly to make sure your vision prescription is correct and your eyes are healthy.