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More than just the sum of its parts, DITA is a way of life. Inspiring the camaraderie reserved for only the most exclusive couture brands, don’t be surprised if a stranger wearing DITA shares a knowing nod or smile. Edgy yet elegant with an East meets West aesthetic and design influences ranging from Hollywood’s glamorous Golden Age to the mechanized beauty of the Industrial Revolution, DITA’s ability to enhance and transform a wearer’s persona has earned the brand a cult-like following amongst the world’s most influential celebrities, stylists and trendsetters. If you’re the kind of person who lives life on your own terms and refuses to settle for anything but the best, then welcome to our world.


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Dita - Mach One

CAD 989
Dita MACH ONE -  This particular frame is inspired by the love of fast cars, quick boats and sl..

Dita - Flight 006

CAD 659
Dita FLIGHT 006 - Fighter pilots, revered among soldiers for their daring and swagger, became someth..

Dita - Decade Two

CAD 1,409

Dita - Midnight Special

CAD 839
Dita MIDNIGHT SPECIAL - Inspired by Hollywood’s iconic Golden Age, DITA'S timeless American designs ..

Dita - Heartbreaker

CAD 719
Dita HEARTBREAKER - a modern interpretation of a classic cat eye style which, from the moment you sl..

Dita - Temptation

CAD 479
Dita TEMPTATION -  Strong, sexy and undeniably feminine. An oversized cat-eye with a custom Jap..

Dita - Talon

CAD 659
Dita TALON -  Inspired by Hollywood’s iconic Golden Age, DITA'S timeless American designs can t..

Dita - Flight 004

CAD 529
Dita FLIGHT 004 - inspired by an unforgettably exciting day the design team spent at the National Ch..

Dita - Medina

CAD 689
Dita MEDINA -  Inspired from a fall trip to Morocco where the city centers are called Medina, t..

Dita - Condor

CAD 599
Dita CONDOR - Classic Aviator sunglasses with titanium frame, featuring a metal double bridge. The g..

Dita - Cascais

CAD 919
Dita CASCAIS - A large (but very light weight) frame, these shades demand attention. The intricate d..

Dita - Stormy

CAD 719
Dita STORMY -  The magnificent view from the summit of Stormy Mountain in Washington’s Cascade ..

Dita - Nomad

CAD 839
Dita NOMAD -  takes its cue from the rugged masculinity of Jean-Paul Belmondo. A classic men’s ..

Dita - Westbound

CAD 639
Dita WESTBOUND -  The supremely glamorous world of 1970’s grand prix motor racing was our desig..

Dita - Paradis

CAD 479
Dita PARADIS -  Inspired by Hollywood’s iconic Golden Age, DITA'S timeless American designs can..
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