5 Common Eye Care Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

5 Common Eye Care Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making
September 6th, 2018, Admin,

“When it comes to your vision, prevention is key,” explains Thomas Steinemann, M.D., a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, in an article for Shape. “All it takes to prevent major problems is to take a few small, simple, easy steps up front. If you don’t do them, you can end up with problems that aren’t so easy to fix—and can even cause blindness down the road.” – read the whole article by Mirel Ketchiff here

1. Sunglasses: they aren’t just for summer! 

Every summer, we heed the warnings about UV rays and don the sexiest shades we have, but what about in the winter? Those harmful rays are still there on the less than sunny days, plus, added exposure comes from sun reflecting off of snow and ice. “UV light can cause melanomas and carcinomas on the eyelids, and UV exposure is known to increase your risk of issues like cataracts and macular degeneration,” says Christopher Rapuano, M.D., chief of cornea services at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. 

2. Not getting regular eye exams

We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t procrastinate on seeing an eye care professional. We get it. And we ARE eye care and eyewear professionals. But eye exams are not just for determining your prescription. Vision is only a small part of eye health and routine and regular exams by an optometrist (O.D.) or an ophthalmologist (MD) will help in staying ahead of any major eye health problems. Has it been a while since you've seen someone? Contact one of our stores and we can help get you back on track.

3. Sleeping with your contacts in

We all know this is not cool, but we do it anyways… like spending hours on Facebook when we really should be working. And like your boss losing his cool, sleeping your contact lenses can have some serious repercussions. The chance of getting an eye infection increases because you have been wearing your lenses too long, and the reduced airflow to your eyes will inhibit the ability for fight off any infection you do get. So, please, take the extra time, and take those contacts out.

4. Showering in your contacts

“All water—from the faucet, the pool, the rain—has the potential to contain acanthamoeba,” says Steinemann. If this amoeba gets on your contacts, it can transfer to your eye where it can eat away at your cornea, ultimately leading to blindness. If you leave your lenses in to shower or swim, disinfect them or toss them and put in a new pair after getting out of the water. And never use tap water to rinse your lenses or their case.

5. Waiting too long to replace your contact lenses

They are called daily-use for a reason… or monthly use, whatever the case may be for your lenses. But the bottom line is that contact lenses do have a life expectancy, and ignoring that could put your eyes in jeopardy. No matter how diligent you are about cleaning your contacts, case and hands, germs and bacteria will adhere to your lenses, and then those creepy crawlies will make their way into your eyes, leading to infections and irritation. So, please, replace your lenses as directed, and make sure to change out your case every three months, minimum.