ic! berlin

The brand ic! berlin is an artistic story from and about Ralph Anderl. "Pluck something out of the air" and "quickly throw together" are, in addition to his good instincts for magnificent business and exciting approaches to solve problems, head-spinning techniques that he has mastered. These are the best in screwless eyewear, built on exceptional technical design with incomparable materials.


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ic! berlin - Andrea R.

CAD 679
ic! berlin Andrea R. sunglasses are a beautiful round style, made of lightweight, flexible spring st..

ic! berlin - Jacy C.

CAD 679
ic! berlin Jacy C. sunglasses are an oversize rounded octagon shape in flexible and lightweight spri..

ic! berlin - Josephine S.

CAD 729
ic! berlin Josephine S. sunglasses are sophisticated round silhouette in flexible and lightweight sp..

ic! berlin - Liliya S.

CAD 679
ic! berlin Liliya S. sunglasses are a cute, oversize round silhouette in flexible and lightweight sp..

ic! berlin - Moo S.

CAD 699
ic! berlin Moo S. sunglasses are a hip, yet distinguished round silhouette in fine acetate and light..

ic! berlin - Avus

CAD 679
ic! berlin AVUS sunglasses are a vintage 70's square aviator shape, created in collaboration with aw..

ic! berlin - Bellevue

CAD 719
ic! berlin BELLEVUE sunglasses are a striking sun shape that radiates bold energy. Fresh, innovative..

ic! berlin - Eric D.

CAD 719
ic! berlin Eric D. sunglasses are an oval-shaped frame from the Classic collection made of Acetate H..

ic! berlin - Grunewald

CAD 679
ic! berlin Grunewald sunglasses refuse to be ignored. The frame's 1970's vintage square/butterfly st..

ic! berlin - Hasenheide

CAD 729
ic! berlin Hasenheide sunglasses take the cool, understated elegance of the Wayfarer in an exciting ..

ic! berlin - Herzeberge

CAD 729
ic! berlin Herzberge sunglasses are a classic, square panto with its high, single-bridge brow line g..

ic! berlin - Mauerpark

CAD 679
ic! berlin Mauerpark sunglasses put a modern spin on the iconic 1950's cat eye sunglasses with a uni..

ic! berlin - Angelina T.

CAD 679
ic! berlin Angelina T. sunglasses are a force of nature. A generous silhouette adds a splash of glam..

ic! berlin - Simoom

CAD 719
ic! berlin Simoom sunglasses have an unexpected energy that comes from the hexagon lens shape of thi..

ic! berlin - The Rebel

CAD 679
ic! berlin The Rebel sunglasses are a round Panto reinterpretation of a butterfly style frame. Lean,..
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